A perfect day of shopping in Yorkville


Image: SeeTorontoNow.com

I was feeling terribly homesick for Toronto today, so I decided to seize the day and book a flight home.

When I lived in Toronto, I was fortunate enough to reside in the coveted Yorkville area.  Known for its boutiques and high-end dining, one of my favorite weekend activities was strolling through the designer shops, ending my day sipping a cocktail on the patio of one of the many fabulous restaurants.  Yorkville also carries a special place in my heart, because it is where I met my fiancé (he was my next-door neighbor in my condo) and it is where we had our first date… and many dates there after.

In anticipation of my upcoming trip to Toronto, I have planned out the perfect day of shopping in Yorkville.  If you have never been to Yorkville and love shopping you may want to check-out these hot spots.

I plan on starting the day off with brunch at Four Seasons’ Café-Boulud.  Maple pecan strawberry rhubarb compote – need I say more?  But for those of you who don’t prefer something sweet first thing in the morning, I would strongly recommend the Oeufs Mearette.  

After satisfying my sweet and savory cravings, my first shopping stop will be the flagship store of the beloved Canadian label, Pink Tartan.  Designer Kimberly Newport-Mimran is known for her sophisticated, effortless designs, which are all adorned with her trademark embroidered clover. 

After picking out the perfect garden party dress at Pink Tartan, I’ll cross the street and head into Teatro Verde to pick out unique home décor pieces needed to host this garden party of mine.  Teatro Verde is home décor nirvana – filled with incredibly unique home décor and furniture items – including a section dedicated to Veuve Clicquot.

Talking about Champaign, it is probably time to take a break and enjoy a mimosa on the patio at One Restaurant, but I think I’ll push through and make my way over to SHAN swimwear and then M0851.  These two store are located conveniently close to each other on Avenue Rd.  While shopping for swimwear may not a favorite pastime for most women, SHAN is worth a visit.  This internationally renowned, Canadian resortwear company offers a lot more than just swimsuits.  I particularly love their beach cover-ups, sun hats and jewelry.

M0851, is another fabulous Canadian label created in Montreal.  Best way to describe M0851 is as a haven for soft, butter like leather.  M0851 produces rustic and chic leather handbags, wallets, jackets, accessories and more.

Ok at this point in my shopping excursion, it is finally time to stop in at One restaurant for lunch and drinks on the patio. Located in the famous Hazelton Lanes hotel, One restaurant is a stomping grounds for many Hollywood stars, athletes and business moguls.  Actually two years ago, when enjoying cocktails on the patio with one of my girlfriends, I was lucky enough to share a drink with NBA all-star, LeBron James and his entourage.

After enjoying a refreshing mimosa and Arctic Char niçoise, I’ll make my way over to TNT, to do some further damage to my bank account.  TNT is a fabulous place to shop if you are looking to pick up pieces from some of Canada’s best designers including: Smythe, D2squared, Wayne Clarke, Rebecca Taylor, Soia & Kyo and LINE.

Next, I’ll head to Ca Va de Soi – a French Canadian knitwear line that has been around since 1972.  Tucked away on Cumberland St., Ca Va de Soi offers Canadian essentials such as cashmere shawls, sweaters and oh so comfy T-shirts.

My last shopping destination will be Lole.  Lole is a Canadian activewear brand that has successfully blended the use of high performing, technical fabrics with sexy, elegant designs.  I currently am in love with their White by Lole line of activewear.  

To bring an end to my perfect day of shopping, I’ll meet up with my fiancé for drinks in the open air sunroom at Sassafraz.  Lounging comfortably in their white slip covered chairs, we’ll enjoy our Canadian whiskey based cocktails and oysters from PEI.  Sassafraz is an excellent place to people watch and car watch.  Yorkville known to be a place where people love to drive through the narrow streets, showing off their European luxury sports cars. 

Oh Yorkville, how I miss your pretentiousness, high priced cocktails, beautiful people, beautiful cars and bank account crushing clothing prices.  I wouldn’t change a thing about you.


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