Social media is nursing my #TFW fashion hangover


Photo courtesy Toronto Fashion Week

Sadly, Toronto Fashion Week (#TFW) is over, but my fashion hangover remains.  In addition to a full week of runway shows, street style moments and after-party step and repeats, I immersed myself in all the pre-show hype on social media.

Designers, fashion magazines and style influencers have been tweeting, posting and blogging about #TFW for weeks.  So after spending countless hours scrolling through my social media accounts to get my latest #TFW fix, I can’t be expected to stop scrolling cold turkey – can I?

To treat my hangover with the best remedy I know – hair of the dog – and to help designers capitalize further on the #TFW hype, I have put together ways they can leverage microblogging to keep the fashion frenzy going:

Convert want into have: Designers, now that you have us lusting after the fashion you strutted down the runway – let us know when, where and how we can get our hands on it.  I have seen so many images featuring your Spring/Summer and Fall 2016 lines on Instagram, but when I go to your website to purchase the items – I can’t.  Don’t be a tease; if you are going to post a picture, please include a link to where we can purchase the item or at least the boutiques carrying the item.  Seal the deal – make it easy for us to purchase your pieces.

Respond and show gratitude:  Your fans have been tweeting, retweeting, commenting and blogging about the fashions you featured during #TFW – what a great opportunity you have to interact with them directly on social media.  To do that, tweet them back, respond to their comments, thank them for likes and re-tweets, answer questions and continue to feed the engine with quality content.  When I have re-tweeted or left a comment, I love getting a thank you – it motivates me and makes me want to continue to promote the brand.

Get feedback: You may think you are finished now that your show is over and done with, but you still have an important task to complete – gather feedback.  Engage with your audience to see how they felt about your show.  You can use social media to carry out polls and surveys.  If you don’t want to go that route, then just straight up ask your social media followers for feedback.  Also, don’t be afraid  to reach out to those who have left comments for more in-depth feedback – great to hear “love this”, but what specifically did they love.

Build the story: After building the momentum for weeks leading up to #TFW, how will you keep the story going?  One suggestion is to host a contest.  You have featured models wearing your fashion, now it is time to feature your clientele sporting your new line. Have your clients post pictures of them wearing your pieces – the picture with the most likes wins a shopping spree.

Check the stats: Ok, you have worked your fingers to the bones – posting, tweeting, liking, sharing… now it is time to analyze your hard work.  Using the many social media analytical tools available – such as Socialbro, Hootsuite, Twitter Analytics – you can assess the effectiveness of your efforts.  In your analysis, consider the following: audience profiling, sentiment analysis, community responsiveness, competitive benchmarking.


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