Canadian Fashion Influencers


Jessica Mulroney    Image: David Pike Globe and Mail

LouLou Magazine’s #366DaysofLooks is not only indulgent eye candy, but a perfect platform to feature Canadian fashion influencers and designers. LouLou, an influencer itself with over 38K Twitter followers and 61K Instagram followers, has selected various Canadian style advocates to participate in their #366DaysofLooks initiative. Some of the fashion mavens include Liz Trinnear (Twitter 45K+ Instagram 39K+), Maripier Morin (Twitter 66K+ Instagram 221K+) and Jessica Mulroney (Twitter 5K+ Instagram 24K+).

I have to say, Jessica stands out as a winner in my books. First of all, I adore her sense of style – sexy, chic, playful, elegant – wearing outfits I either own or would LOVE to own. Secondly, she regularly features Canadian designers including @Mackage, @LINEthelabel, @beaufillfsn, @MICHI_New_York and @erdem.

I would challenge other Canadian influencers such as supermodels Coco Rocha (Twitter 1.4M+ Instagram 1M+) and Heather Marks (Twitter 14K+ Instagram 35K+) to follow in Jessica’s footsteps and #WearCanadian. Fashion is art and Canada has incredibly talented artists that deserve to be represented on the world stage.


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